Paul Miser is a digital professional focused on experience, product development, communications and branding. Dedicated to bringing ideas to life, Miser has worked across the business ecosystem of startups, non profits, corporations and Fortune 100 brands. His innovative approach to activation has delivered success and garnered recognition from clients, partners, and the press.

Currently, Miser is the digital lead at Hudson Rouge, a creative collective formed by WPP, directing the digital effort of the reintroduction of the Lincoln Motor Company. In this role, he likes to challenge and be challenged, continually pushing the envelope on what is possible with his team of 40+ as well as through his client team. Building solid client relationships and effective connections across various channel teams, Miser drives towards digital expertise while aligning messaging and creativity through integration and interaction. In late 2012, Miser lead a team to launch a new, immersive brand ecosystem for Lincoln which provided the foundation for a Super Bowl execution and a never before seen 360 degree digital music concert in 2013 all while driving business results against key performance indicators. Miser is also charged with developing and defining process in his budding agency, tying in relationships and projects with partner and parent teams.

Prior to his time at Hudson Rouge, Miser lead an in house social media team at IIR dedicated to enhancing the content, networking, and access to core components of each flagship event brand. The efforts of his team delivered bottom line results reflecting a social media ROI of 300% and revenue growth of 60% during his tenure.

Before IIR, Miser was the founding Innovation Strategist of the VML New York emerging media team. In this role, he lead social and mobile structure, activations, and reporting for the agency post and across various clients, including his flagship brand Global Colgate-Palmolive. While the lead for Colgate-Palmolive, Miser and his team delivered various branded activations and campaigns for the global corporate umbrella which developed an emerging media sandbox of best practices, case studies, and process for various brands and SMEs across the world. This activity proved as a benchmark for agency activity and client engagement in the emerging media channels at the time.

Miser received his MBA from Nortwest Missouri State University in 2004. And currently lives in Manhattan, New York City.

Past Projects:
Across various roles in social, digital, and mobile, Miser produced activations for clients: LG, Xerox, Microsoft, HERSHEY’S, Colgate-Palmolive, JPMorgan, Y&R Brands, SAP, Tom’s of Maine, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

As the Digital Account Director of Hudson Rouge, Miser is central to the development and execution of the agency. Currently, Miser is leading a team of dedicated digital professionals on the digital reintroduction of The Lincoln Motor Company.